Gaia Glass, LLC   
art glass for a better world...
a portion of sales benefits local charities

 For Denver artist, Karrie McBryde, working with hot glass is a magical experience, so much so that she created her own studio.  When the glass is taken from the 2100 degree furnace, it is very fluid. Throughout the process of working with the glass, it becomes less malleable.  At each stage of the process & through multiple reheats, Karrie, who usually works solo,  has learned to coax, rather than force the glass into what her head and heart envision.  She loves the interaction of color, light and form.  Most of Karrie’s pieces are practical as well as beautiful, supporting her belief that beauty should surround us in our daily lives.

Often Karrie’s work incorporates recycled shards of a discarded piece to create something new and unique, literally breathing new life into that which was destined for the scrap heap.  Using this technique, the end result is a vessel with textural imperfections very different from much other blown glass, giving it a somewhat primitive quality.  This technique excites her in that it incorporates her desire to protect the resources of the earth while continuing her passion for blowing glass.

Karrie derives great pleasure in creating custom pieces. She likes to think about the person she is creating for and how they will use it in their daily life or for special occasions. She believes her works should be used rather than placed on a shelf for decoration. She also wants her glass creations to be affordable and makes an effort to keep her prices accessible.

Karrie has trained both locally in Denver and at the prestigious Corning Museum of Glass.  In addition to local galleries, and art fairs, you will also find her work at charity auctions as she believes this is an opportunity to give back to the community.  Karrie also donates a percentage of any item sold to local charities.